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My name is Lam Seng.

Welcome to our online fashion mall. Here at My Mall, we strive to make your online shopping as comfortable as possible. We want to make you feel at home that’s why we have selected the warm and friendly design for our website. At the same time, we want you to enjoy your shopping and feel the shopping ambiance even though you are doing the shopping at home.

We at My Mall strive to bring the latest trendy fashion brand name at the cheapest price possible. We want to make the trendy brand name affordable so that you would look good and fashionable without hurting your purse.

We started our collection with Tokyo Fashion. Created by founder Mayuki Zhou in Taipei, Tokyo Fashion encompasses all the different Japanese styles that make international headlines. Devoted fans adore the brand for its vast selection of feminine styles and luscious materials, including kawaii tops, classy blouses, and romantic dresses. The fashion savvy collection offers something for every taste and mood, with each piece effortlessly hinting at your inner sweetness.

Since then we have added some other brands like Catworld and Lelestyle/Withlele into our range of clothes. And have also added some accessories like quality costume jewellery to make your fashion complete.

We will bring in more brand names in the future so that you will have a wider selection to suit your taste and mood.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Happy shopping!